Indian Restaurants in Naperville

Indian Restaurants in Naperville

Are you looking to savor the authentic flavors of India right here in Naperville? You’re in for a treat! Kapoor Realty is excited to navigate you through the rich and diverse Indian culinary scene in Naperville. Whether you’re a resident or just visiting, the Indian Restaurants in Naperville, a charming city, promise a delightful gastronomic adventure. Ready to embark on a spicy, savory, and sweet journey? Let’s dive in!

Naperville: A Haven for Indian Cuisine Enthusiasts

Located just a short drive from Chicago, Naperville is a bustling hub with a spectacular range of Indian restaurants. From traditional to contemporary Indian cuisine, the restaurants offer authentic flavors and modern culinary innovations. Indian Restaurants in Naperville listed below provide a feast for your taste buds and embody the essence of Indian hospitality.

1.  A2B Indian Veg Restaurant, Warrenville, IL

Situated a little away from the heart of Naperville, A2B Indian Veg Restaurant is a vegetarian delight for those who appreciate authentic South Indian cuisine. Let’s delve deeper into what makes A2B Indian Veg Restaurant a must-visit:

Address: 28244 Diehl Rd, Warrenville, IL 60555

  • The restaurant offers South Indian specialties made from rice and lentils, cooked to perfection with peppercorns, nuts, and house spices, seasoned with ghee. They serve a variety of dishes.
  • The restaurant is associated with Adyar Ananda Bhavan, as indicated by the name “Adyar Ananda Bhavan” in the menu section.
  • Adyar Ananda Bhavan Sweets & Snacks is a renowned sweet and savory manufacturer in South India. Established three decades ago in Chennai, the brand has expanded to ninety-five branches across various cities and states.
  • The brand is recognized for its commitment to quality, hygiene, and customer service.
  • They offer a diverse range of products and dishes from different regions of India, ensuring the authenticity of taste and tradition.
  • The restaurant is praised for its authentic South Indian food, considered among the best in Chicago. The service is also highlighted as excellent.
  • Step into A2B, and you’re transported to a world of elegance. The decor, a blend of traditional and contemporary, sets the stage for a memorable dining experience.
  • Top recommended menu items:  South Indian Thali, Mysore Masala Dosa, Onion Rava Masala Dosa, and Masala Uttapam.
  • Be it a birthday, anniversary, or special occasion, A2B ensures it becomes a grand celebration.
  • To avoid waiting, booking a table in advance is always a good idea, especially during weekends.
  • A2B Indian Veg Restaurant has received high reviews on platforms like Yelp and TripAdvisor, where customer feedback and ratings can be found.

2.  Deccan Spice, Naperville, IL

Deccan Spice prides itself on its culinary expertise, with chefs who aren’t just hired but are handpicked and nurtured. These chefs are chosen based on their pedigree, extensive experience, and ability to create exceptional dishes from everyday ingredients in an Indian kitchen. The restaurant likens this meticulous selection process to how a bank would choose its senior-most executive.

Address: 192 W Gartner Rd, Naperville, IL 60540

  • The essence of Deccan Spice lies in its unique flavors, a blend of traditional spices and modern culinary techniques. Every dish tells a story, from the aromatic biryanis to the spicy curries.
  • Walking into Deccan Spice Naperville is like blending traditional Indian decor with a touch of modern elegance. The ambiance is warm, inviting, and perfect for any occasion.
  • The menu at Deccan Spice Naperville is a testament to the rich culinary heritage of India. Whether you’re a vegetarian, non-vegetarian, or looking for vegan and gluten-free options, there’s something for everyone.
  • Deccan Spice has garnered rave reviews from patrons who have dined there. One reviewer on Grubhub mentioned how they were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food, especially the chicken biryani and Paneer Butter Masala.
  • The restaurant’s dishes, such as the samosas and butter chicken, have been particularly praised. However, a word of caution for those who aren’t fans of spicy food: when Deccan Spice labels a dish as spicy, they genuinely mean it!
  • Apart from the dining experience, Deccan Spice Naperville offers catering services, ensuring every event is graced with signature dishes. They also host cooking classes and workshops, sharing the secrets of their culinary expertise.

3. Bollywood Bistro & Banquet, Naperville, IL

Bollywood Bistro & Banquet Naperville isn’t just a restaurant; it’s an experience. Nestled in the vibrant city of Naperville, this establishment offers a delightful blend of authentic Indian cuisine, mesmerizing ambiance, and impeccable service. Whether you’re a food enthusiast or looking to host a memorable event, Bollywood Bistro is the place to be.:

Address: 1413 S Plainfield-Naperville Rd, Naperville, IL 60564

  • A progressive Indian vegetarian restaurant with a contemporary Bollywood-themed ambiance, created by Chef Chetan Saini, who is passionate about cooking and Indian cinema.
  • The journey of Bollywood Bistro began with a simple dream: to bring the flavors and essence of India to the people of Naperville. Over the years, it has evolved into a landmark known for its dedication to authenticity and quality.
  • Every dish at Bollywood Bistro tells a story. From the spicy curries to the fragrant biryanis, the menu is a testament to India’s rich culinary heritage.
  • The secret to the restaurant’s success lies in its commitment to authenticity. Using traditional cooking methods and sourcing the finest ingredients, Bollywood Bistro promises a gastronomic adventure.
  • The restaurant offers an extensive creative menu with quirky names to the dishes as a tribute to Bollywood. Some of the popular dishes include Taco Tikka Masala, Spicy Masala Fries, Paneer Piripiri, and Tandoori Paneer Flatbread, as well as traditional dishes like Chole Bhature, Paneer Tikka Masala, Dal Makhani and Malai Kofta.
  • From birthdays to weddings, Bollywood Bistro offers tailored packages to suit every need. Its delectable cuisine and enchanting ambiance make it the perfect venue for any celebration.
  • The restaurant is one of the consistently highest-rated restaurants in the Chicagoland area on Google and Yelp and has received recognition from Yelp three years in a row as one of the most highly rated restaurants. Chef Chetan is known for his personable and charismatic personality and his hospitality.

4. Shimla Peppers, Naperville, IL

Nestled in the heart of Naperville, Shimla Peppers Restaurant stands as a beacon of culinary excellence. With its rich history and a reputation for serving delectable dishes, it’s no wonder this restaurant has become a staple for locals and tourists alike:

Address: 1904 Brookdale Rd #156, Naperville, IL 60563

  • The story of Shimla Peppers is as rich and flavorful as the dishes it serves. Founded by a passionate chef inspired by Shimla’s vibrant flavors, the restaurant has grown from a small eatery to a renowned dining destination.
  • Step into Shimla Peppers, and you’re immediately transported to a world of elegance and warmth. The restaurant boasts a contemporary design infused with traditional elements, creating a cozy yet sophisticated atmosphere.
  • Every dish at Shimla Peppers tells a story. The menu is a harmonious blend of traditional recipes and modern twists, ensuring that every palate is catered to.
  • Unlike its spicier counterparts, the Shimla Pepper offers a mild heat, making it perfect for those who prefer a subtle kick. Its sweet undertones complement a variety of dishes, from curries to salads.
  • The rave reviews and testimonials testify to the restaurant’s excellence. Patrons often speak of their memorable experiences and the dishes that keep them returning.

5. The Desi Accent, Lombard, IL

The Desi Accent is not just a restaurant; it’s an experience. Located at 801 E Butterfield Rd, Lombard, IL 60148, this establishment offers a delightful journey into the rich tapestry of Indian cuisine. The name “Desi Accent” reflects the sentiments of the Desi community (people of the Indian subcontinent) and their diaspora. The term “Desi” is derived from the Ancient Sanskrit word “deśá,” meaning Land or Country. The restaurant’s mission is to share the 4,500-year-old culture of India through a culinary experience deeply rooted in the country’s heritage:

Address: 801 E Butterfield Rd Ste 101, Lombard, IL 60148

  • offers Indian cuisine with a modern twist. The name reflects the sentiments of people from the Indian subcontinent and their diaspora.
  • Established by a duo of passionate food enthusiasts, their vision was to bring authentic flavors to the residents of Lombard while adding their unique touch.
  • From spicy curries to succulent kebabs, every dish is a masterpiece, curated with love and expertise.
  • Experience the best of both worlds with dishes blending Eastern spices and Western techniques.
  • Catering to all, The Desi Accent boasts an extensive range of vegetarian and vegan delights that are equally tantalizing.
  • The Desi Accent can host private events and provide customized catering services for various occasions. The catering menu includes popular dishes from the restaurant.
  • Over the years, The Desi Accent has garnered rave patron reviews.
  • Many recount their delightful experiences, praising the impeccable service and mouth-watering dishes.


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